AFRO XXV, 8" x 11", Mixed Media on Watercolour paper, 2009

AFRO SERIES oil base pencil pastel watercolour watercolour paper wax crayons

This makes number 25 in my current Afro Series. This time it was inspired by the weekly challenge on Karin Juricks DSFDF.

I wanted to show the contrast between this sweet little girl who attends my Sunday School class and the wigged mannequins in the background. But she kind of stands boldly as if to say, " I am also.............." I won't give it all way....

Now this was done first by mixing grey pastel dust and water to form washes for the initial block-ins. Then an oil base pencil, graphite pencil, wax crayons and intricate watercolour washes were used to bring out the details. I used Arches watercolour paper here for the first time and it was a good experience!

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