Afternoon Light, Sloane Square from Above (9) Chelsea Marathon

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Here is number 9 of my current series of paintings and drawings of Chelsea.

It's Sloane Square from above under some intense afternoon light!

Afternoon Light, Sloane Square from Above (9) Chelsea Marathon, 10" x 8", Oil on board
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This one was painted all indoors, I got the view shot from a Bus 11 while journeying around the Square.

I am always interested in getting different views of Sloane Square, as I really love painting the place. One of my interests in this piece was the contrasting effect of the warm red bricks of the main building against the cool sky and cool tones on the wide expanse of road.

Here I have showed how I go about this and the initial sketch before paint is applied.

The Sketch stage of the Sloane Square painting
Being able to capture the feeling of an outdoor piece indoor is purely emotional, to do this you must have had a real good connection with the scene outdoors in the first place. If not, the work will lack the vitality and spark of a freshly painted plein air piece"- Adebanji Alade

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