Back After a Long Break (Stories Behind & Sketches)

London Transport people Southeastern trains tombow wash pens underground `sketches

It's great to be back to blogging! I have had to take a break from blogging to sort out loads of stuff in my life that needed attention, and I am glad that after a break and also a wonderful spiritual refreshment with the youths of my church recently at a Youth Camp called, "Call of Duty"-Get Equipped", I am back with a firmer, stronger and more determined spirit!

I'll continue the remaining 20 works that made my career tomorrow and these posts would come two at a time, for me to recover from some lost time. Meanwhile enjoy these bundle of sketches that have always been the story behind my success in my career!

"Very clear here I play the game for lost and found, the feeling of dynamic quality of abstraction.......This drawing is unfinished on purpose. Only draw the face, not the hair, seeking the feeling of broken and partially revealed. The unfinished part makes the part that I did more delicate and finished. I feel "less is more."-Zhaoming Wu-talking about his process

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