Bath Experience III, 2009

Bath Experience landscape painting oil on canvas The Bath Prize

This is another entry on my experience at Bath. I produced this painting after enjoying a good long walk just taking loads of pictures of the beautiful City of Bath at night.

For this painting, it was the Abbey and it just had a beautiful glow at night, even my little camera I had in hand couldn't give the feel and majestic presence this sight manifested. I tried my best to capture that feel on canvas with paint and the painting shows my struggles to interpret it to the best of my ability. This was done in oil on canvas, 40cm x 40cm.

This painting is one of the 3 works I submitted into The Bath Prize, a rather unique competition that encouraged artists to paint different scenes of Bath. I won the prestigious Bath Future Plus Prize for the Best Plein Air painting, I'll be posting on that later this week. So stay tuned! If you are in the City of Bath, you can view the exhibition of the all 153 works at the Octagon, Milsom Place, Bath

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