Bath Marathon 4 PART 4 (The First 200 paintings)

alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting oil on board plein air urban life

It was on this part that I met a nice lady who asked me whether I had been to Alexandra Park. I had never been there. I ended up going there for the last painting on this post but in part 5 it took me over!

188-HOLBOURNE MUSEUM UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT DUSK- It was while doing this painting I met Jane, she said I have to paint at Alexandra Park, I promised I would! Also, while painting this, one of the residents on Great Pulteney Street agreed to buy this very piece, her reason-Because I saw you do it right in front of my house!

189-CANAL AT NIGHT FROM CLEVELAND BRIDGE- This is where I almost took my passion to the limit, it was 2 degrees on a cold night on Cleveland Bridge, I was returning from a walk in the dark, all the way from Great Pulteney Road, when I saw a full blast moon on Cleveland Bridge-I COULDN'T RESIST! Passion took over my Perception! My fingers basically went numb- I was scared stiff! But I survived!

190 CLEVELAND BRIDGE AT NIGHT- After enduring the cold, I seemed to get used to it or maybe the temperature went a bit higher! I enjoyed this piece because I couldn't really tell the colour mixtures but I made sure I followed Marc Hanson's rule of keeping the value scheme effective when painting night scenes.

191 LONDON ROAD TOWARDS CLEVELAND AT NIGHT- I love this scene so much, Peter Brown did it and so has David Pilgrim, but not at night, so I decided to give it a go at night!

192-WALCOT METHODIST CHURCH AT NIGHT- I painted this place during the day earlier in my marathon race, I decided to another one this time at night!

193,194 THE CANAL FROM SAINSBURY'S AT GREEN PARK-It was a dull day and rainy too, in a bid to keep going, I looked for a place of refuge and there was a lovely bridge with nice protection, I just sat under it and made use of the space available.

195 HIGH STREET FROM THE PODIUM- It was raining here too, so under the Podium entrance, I managed to squeeze in this one among the pedestrians and several onlookers.

196 NEW BOND STREET FROM THE PODIUM- I have done this place during the night, so I decided to do a dusk scene.

197 THE PORCHES AT THE PODIUM- This was an experiment to work on drawing pillars. It kind of worked out in the end!

198 THE PUMP HOUSE PORCHES AT NIGHT- I have done this scene from outside the Abbey Grounds, so I decided to do it from inside the Abbey Grounds this time! It's an exciting scene when it rains at night, the reflections make it come alive!

199, 200-AUTUMN EFFECT, ALEXANDRA PARK- This was it, the taxi man dropped me and said is this where you asked to be dropped, I just said-YES!!! I just took two steps outside his car and set up my pochade box, this place is a paradise for painters! I WAS SO GLAD HERE BECAUSE I HIT THE 200 MARK!

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