Bath Marathon, DAY 1

alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon oil on gessoed card oil sketch plein air

Yes, as promised I have here the pics of me painting in and around the City of Bath.

I have never embarked on such a Marathon before and I'm not so keen on long distances, at school I was more of a sprinter, quick and fast but when it comes to Marathons, especially with the prevailing and unpredictable British weather-it's going to take some real grit and endurance.

Here are some pictures.

Adebanji on painting 6

Adebannji on painting 5

Adebanji on painting 4

Adebanji on painting 3

Adebanji on painting 2

Adebanji on painting 1

Adebanji catches the Bold Impressionist-Roger Dellar ROI PS RI painting in the rain at Bath, he was doing his second painting to be included in the Bath Prize

Adebanji browned, burnt and orched in the Limestone City of Bath....ready to go!

The first day was great but then came the rains on day 2......oh ooo....I wasn't prepared for the rain-I'll keep you posted!

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