Bath Marathon, DAY 4 and 5

alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting oil on gessoed card plein air

Today I am posting pictures for day 4 and 5. (Thursday and Friday, last week)Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Adebanji on painting 16-Milsom Street in the morning-I spent close to 3 hours on this piece, trying to get all the drawing correctly

Adebanji on painting 17-At Walcott Street, here, I needed to paint with umbrella in one hand and paint brush in the other

Adebanji on painting 18

Adebanji on painting 19

Adebanji on painting 20

Adebanji on painting 21

Adebanji on painting 22-Avoiding the unpredictable weather from YMCA

Adebanji on painting 23-Avoiding the unpredictable weather from YMCA

Adebanji on painting 24-Here at night, a guy watched me in the cold for about 90 minutes, he was freezing and so was I. But this guy endured the cold to watch the painting unfold, he said he had never seen anything like it, he even went to sit on the bench near the lights for him to be included in the picture, he really wanted to be part of the painting. Never have I had a stranger get so wrapped up in watching me paint-unbelievable! He asked where the exhibition would be taking place and promised to buy this picture and tell everyone, he is even in it!

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