Bath Marathon II Day 9 and 10 (The First 100)

6 x 8 Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting oil on gessoed card oil sketch urban life

These are the final shots that make up my first 100! All glory be God for the ability, health and divine inspiration! I'm looking forward to my next trip in September. I have also learned a bit more from this trip which I'll share with you, some pitfalls and things one just must do!




89-A guy passed by and stopped, he was a bit amazed, he said, "what you are painting is better than the real thing....but why do you need to be doing this on the streets-you should be in cool money doing this...I'm really loving it." He made me laugh when he said its better than the real thing...because what he really saw was the scene from MY point of view. This is what art is all about, we as artists distill and edit reality-that's why there's no amount of technology that would take out "the good, see and paint wonders from nature"





94-I painted this scene from Morrison's in Bath, some people went in for shopping while I had just laid in some sketchy strokes at the start, then when they came out they were shocked to see the scene looking clear!

95-I even got the Bath Rugby Training session in the cold pouring rain!


97-It's shots like this that make me love urban sketching! It was pouring but I crunched under a bus stop and fired!



100-YEPEEE 100!!!

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