Boats Along Chelsea Moorings (6) Chelsea Marathon

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Here's number 6!

The boats along Chelsea Moorings.

I am using my beloved medium, which is graphite here!

Boats Along Chelsea Moorings, 10" x 8", Graphite on Paper
 To purchase this drawing please click HERE

I had to get down there to capture these lovely boats and the reflections on a nice cool evening.

Adebanji sitting down and enjoying the whole process of drawing the scene

Sitting down and getting really deep into the drawing is phenomenal  for me! I just love it!

The drawing held up against the scene

I will still do more paintings of scene, as I just love it!

My graphite Sketching kit and the drawing
The Full materials I have used here are a Daler Rowney Artist's Sketchbook, 10.4 x 8.3 inches, 150gms. Graphite, Oil base pencil, Chunky graphite, Carpenter's Pencil, Mechanical 0.7 HB pencil, Graphite dust and water.

"I feel very excited when I sketch. The blood's flowing. A benefit of sketching is you get the immediacy of the moment. You get there and do it right then and there. There is an immediacy that is crucial for the life of the sketches."- Albert Handell

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