"Contemplation II" (DSFDF Portrait Swap), her version of me, Graphite, 2009

different strokes from different folks graphite me portraits

Adebanji by Emilie

I almost thought I was going to belong to the 'singles' who didn't have faithful partners, but I was so shocked to see my old head pop up on the dsfdf site.
Lucky enough for those singles Karin Jurick filled in the gap and has painted the missing ones HERE. Her paintings are just wonderful!

Emilie Guderian, the artist who I drew below, has rendered a powerful portrait in my favourite medium, I just love it!!!

Emilie by Adebanji

She hasn't got a link to a website or blog. Hope she sees this post and we can connect.

.....and for those of you who thought my nose wasn't growing bigger....check the piece above, it is the truth, there's no going back!

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