Cuteee, 20" x 16", coloured dust and coloured pencils on watercolour paper, 2009

coloured pencils pastel sanguine dust sepia dust watercolour paper

This is another commission, I got this one while sketching my beloved tree II. This couple stopped while driving past and were quite impressed with my sketching in such cold conditions, they asked if I did portraits and I affirmed, they had a look at my sketchpad and agreed to have me do this piece of their granddaughter. I have had many good experiences when delivering portraits, but nothing came close to this one! Just revealing the piece out of its handmade envelope almost brought Grandma to tears! She gave me a hug and thanked me for a good job done! I won't go on to tell you more....the beauty of this sort of job is that you get great feedback. But yesterday, last night at church, my Pastor said we shall get instantaneous and exceeding answer to our prayers! I never knew mine would come this soon!

This was done in the same way I did Lady Tee. The only difference her was I used more sanguine than sepia.

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