EMOTIONS VIII, 10" x 8", Graphite on Heavy watercolour paper, 2009

drawing emotions graphite mechanical pencil watercolour paper

This is number 8 in my current series on emotions.

The emphasis is on human emotions. I played a lot of American Snooker and Pool with my friends when I used to work with St Mungos. I co-ordinated activities and games, one of those games was Monday night pool- it was highly competitive and emotions flew high as there were great prizes at stake and prestige to loose or gain, a new champion to emerge or one to be dethroned....This guy here was one of the best players and you just needed to be looking at him before he released his bullet shot of perfect accuracy to understand what I was trying to depict here.

This was done with Graphite- chunky pencil 4B and mechanical clutch HB pencil an a H pencil.

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