FLAMENCO SERIES 2 & 3, Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

acrylic chalk pastel charcoal dust coloured pencil flamenco series gouache graphite dust oil base pencil wax crayons

My series of flamenco dancers continues. My goal is to experiment with movement, texture, mood, energy, vitality and emotion-all of which would be the highlights in this series of drawings and paintings.


The inspiration for this series has come from Brian's St Louis Drawing Blog. He had an interesting post on a Flamenco dancer, Beth Steinbrenner to not only model for them but also dance while modelling. Now that's a great opportunity! I asked Brian if I could produce a series of drawings and paintings from this video clip and he agreed.


This is a mixed media piece that I used acrylic, gouache, coloured pencils,wax crayons, charcoal dust, graphite dust, chalk pastel, oil base pencil and water on paper.

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