2B graphite pencil biro drawing the flying moleskins tombow wash pens

This is a great exchange of sketchbooks between 13 artists that I am currently taking part in. Check the site HERE for details.

Front cover

I have as the theme for my sketchbook- Homelessness and Poverty and I have kicked things off with this image below.

"got spare change, please...?"

Biro, graphite and No75 TOMBOW BRUSHPEN

It is really going to be great! I'll end up with a sketchbook full of different artists interpretation of theme: Homelessness and Poverty.

When my sketchbook finally comes back to me after traveling round to 13 different artists homes , I'll continue the project and make sure the book is filled with different images to project this theme.

I received my first batch of Moleskin pages from Liz and it also had gifts for my children! Now that's great!

A great thanks to Dominique for getting this all underway!

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