Homeward Bound (Majidun Waterside), 10" x 8", Mixed Media on Museum Board, 2009

acrylic African Influence biro different strokes from different folks Karin Jurick museum mount cardboard wax crayons

This is my entry into this Karin Juricks DSfDF. The original reference was a lady rowing- I had to think long, on what to do with this one as I didn't get a buzz from the blues. Then I remembered I lived right in front of a waterside in Lagos, Nigeria for 3 years and I'd wake up and see women rowing to and fro from place to place and their main occupation was to get their boats out as far as possible into the forest beyond, and they'll cut logs of wood which they'll bring back to shore for selling. The logs of wood served as fuel for cooking! I wish I had proper photos of this place, it's only now I really appreciate the rustic beauty of places like this!

But with some "retrospective experience" I worked this composition out to show a woman arriving to the shore after a hard days work. My main goal here was just to capture a sunset mood of lighting with emphasis placed on the rustic beauty of this scene.

You can see by clicking this link a painting I did a long while ago of this place from my website.

This painting was done with acrylic, wax resistant crayons and Biro on museum mount board primed with gesso.

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