"Left Over-Raiders" 13" x 6.5", watercolour, 2009

arches watercolour paper different strokes from different folks DSFDF Karin Jurick pen

I have been so busy working on a portrait commission of a large head, 30" x 30" and it has almost made me loose track of most things that I almost missed Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from Different folks. It is has been one year since Karin started this great blog after the her dog, Jack passed away. Ever since, she got artists all over the world painting and drawing Jack. She has continued to inspire artists all over the world with her weekly/biweekly challenges. I must confess these challenges have made me change the way I see a picture, forever. Most people cringe when artists paint from pictures and I used to, but that was a very very long time ago. I became more convinced that artists can paint from pictures, even more when Karin, who paints from pictures herself started this whole DSFDF thing. She has given us numerous tips from what to look out for, how to compose and even how to take pictures of our paintings/drawings. May the Good Lord bless her. Sometimes my wife wonders why I never want to miss these challenges and I can't explain it! I think I am addicted!

Well, this weeks challenge was of cupcakes and 145 artists all over the world took part. You just need to check out the site to see the different interpretations on this subject matter.


To attack this challenge, I wasn't all that inspired by the cupcakes but I was really caught up by those little coloured sweet things that were scattered all around the cupcakes and the surface they were placed on. You can see the reference photo by clicking HERE. So I wondered what I could do with these coloured sweet things. Then I said it would be nice if we all enjoyed our cupcakes outside in the sun in front of a nice cafe with tea and coffee. But when we finished eating our nice cupcakes, we messed up the floor with the little coloured buttons and before the attendants could clean up, the typical London pigeons gave them a helping in hand by RAIDING THE LEFTOVERS!

For this I have used a variety of reds, blues and greens for the flat washes in watercolour and I spiced it up a bit with a 0.5 pen, just to refine the drawing. I wasn't really looking for a perfect drawing but the abstract design and shapes those shadows under the chairs/tables legs played with the overall landscape horizontal format I used for this piece. The paper used was 100% rough arches watercolour paper(300gms)

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