Lynn Painter- Stainers Free master class with Henry Gibbons-Guy

conte graphite sketches willow charcoal

I took the double opportunity of viewing the current Lynn Painter-Stainer Exhibition which closes tomorrow and taking part in the portrait master class, it was great to see some wonderful pieces of art! The variety of the paintings were great- I fell in love with a little portrait of a boy by J.Judge it was just amazing to see how blocks of colours could bring out the beauty of the boys face by using colour temperature to make some parts advance and recede. I wish I could find a link to the painting.

I also took part in the portrait masterclass this afternoon and I managed to get 4 sketches done. I used this to really learn some new techniques and also to rub ideas on drawing with others present. It was a nice experience. All sketches are between 20-30 mins each.

My brief affair with "Paper Boy" acrylic on card by James Judge

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