(My 200th post) Sketches on the train, tube in August X

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Yesterday I still hadn't found my sketchbook and I am tempted to continue sketching with these cheap 10p ones. Because they are so flexible, paperback and light to carry.

But this morning I found my sketchbook. I started sketching on the tube in 2005 when my tutor Jeff Stultiens at Heatherleys School of Fine Art, sent us out to do something different than just drawing and painting the model in the class studio. He wanted us to go into the trains and sketch as much as we could, we even went with the class model and sketched her on the trains too with others! We had to come back and make a painting(this is the painting included on this blog-it was done entirely from sketches) from all those sketches and even add a celebrity in it to make it look interesting!

Since then I haven't recovered from that exercise, it gave me the medicine I needed to get back to sketching from life. At Yaba College of Technology , we were trained this way. We has courses on OUTDOOR PAINTING and GENERAL DRAWING. In these courses my tutor Olu Amoda, could send you to draw anywhere. He was one of the first tutors to really make us draw and not just scribble and stroke!

As I look back to this great heritage that has fashioned me to become a compulsive sketcher. I want to thank all of you out there who take time to comment on these blogs or just silently visit from all over the world. You are an encouragement to me especially Silvina Day- Who fell in love with the sketches and presented me an award recently. Also Katherine Tyrrell for mentioning me in her amazing blog recently.

We are all on a journey in this life. Eternity is with us everyday! I just pray that with the help of Jesus Christ and His Love we all realise the debt of Love we owe Him by living for His glory in this present world!

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