"My Life is Messed Up" 7" x 5", mixed Media, 2011 (The Flying Moleskins)

coloured pencil gouache homeless mixed media pen and ink the flying moleskins watercolour watercolour paper

This was my contribution to Deans Sketchbook in a Sketchbook exchange, called Flying Moleskins, that I have participating in for the past year. He said we could put anything into his book and I always like to capture homeless people, so this was a great opportunity to express some of my deepest feelings for these folk. After working with them at St Mungo's for 9 years, I have met so many and understood so much about life on the streets.

This is a short poem I composed to express these piece in words.

My life is messed up,
not one more chance but the streets.
It's life, it's hard
there are no retreats

People come and people go
Nobody seems to want to know

I made the mistakes
it wasn't my fault
but I'm blaming no one
cos this is my result

Failure pains
Rejection hurts
Tragedy unresolved
Diverse problems of all sorts.

I am trying to make it
I wish I can
Give me a second chance
Trust me, man!

I don't deserve this
This is not my lot
But life ain't easy
Help me resolve the plot...!

-@Adebanji Alade, August 2011

Special Quote
"I continue to make paintings of people and their moments in our time because I am of that time. Out of that I hope to make pictures that are timeless."
(Burton Silverman)

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