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After the success of "EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT SKETCHING" in August, I'm taking on a new workshop on the 29th of October, 2014 (WEDNESDAY) at Harris Academy, Falconwood. It is all about the URBAN LANDSCAPE, Some call it CITSCAPES, or TOWNSCAPES or URBANSCAPES or STREETSCENES!

This workshop is all about how to paint Convincing and Expressive Landscapes indoors!

St Pauls

After a Demonstration with Knockholt Art Group on a London street Scene
The Royal Academy in progress
Bank of England in progress

The video below gives you a quick run down of what we'll be covering.

I paint a lot outdoors, and I bring the knowledge of what I have gained outdoors, indoors. Both of these types of painting inform each other.

Adebanji capturing Morning Light, Chelsea Riverside, indoors

Morning Light, Chelsea Riverside (This is the painting Adebanji was working on, in the picture above)

"If you are able to understand how to approach the painting indoor, it will really help while you are outdoor."

Adebanji working outdoors. (there's nothing stopping you from achieving both effects. Outdoor and indoors)

Summerlight Chelsea World's End- the completed painting which Adebanji was painting in the picture above

Moreover winter is on its way and not everyone might like what you see below!

I had about 10 layers on......

Also had my Eskimo Ice breakers on......

If you are up for this, please register by clicking this link HERE

Or email me by clicking HERE, if you are interested and you can come with your payment on the day, if you don't use PayPal facilities.

Below are list of what you'll learn while painting on the day.

  • How to paint convincing and expressive Urban landscapes-indoors.
  • What to look for outdoors to give your indoor paintings that spark of the outdoors!
  • Making colour notes.
  • The importance of an abstract pattern with a very good value plan.
  • Approaching your painting with a layering and corrective process with the mind of a sketcher.
  • How to scale your pictures to suit the size of the ground you are going to be working on. Both the traditional way and with the Accurasee App.
  • How to put figures and cars into the painting through the silhouette method without getting bogged down with much detail.
  • How to simplify perspective in three simple steps.
  • The best times to take pictures.
  • Making your painting a personal statement and developing a painters shorthand that suggests rather than copies.
  • And most importantly, get direction and help from Adebanji while you work on your paintings after the break.
The Venue is:
Date: Wednesday 29th October 2014, 10am - 4pm
Venue: Harris Academy, Falconwood, DA16 2PE
Free parking available.
Tea and Coffee Provided. Pls bring your packed lunch

Please visit my website to see more of what I do, by clicking HERE

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