Oil sketch of a Murky Pond, 8" x 7.5", Oil on canvas board, 2009

alla prima oil on canvas board plein air ponds

I have passed by this place once or twice but yesterday I wasn't going to let it be a dream again. This time it wasn't a face, people, horses or a beautiful landscape or an urban paradise that captured me but a simple murky pond by a canal waste nearby where I live. I took my plein equipment right down there and for approximately 90 mins I tried to capture its still reflections and sudden uprising of green shoots. I had to crop the picture in the end as I wasn't satisfied with the former composition. You can see that in the photo I took of myself, this time with no one in an abandoned area I had to improvise.

This painting was done with Winsor blue, Cadmium red, Cadmium yellow and Titanium white on a panel with canvas stuck onto it. It was finished in alla prima style to get a real there and then feel!

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