On the Way to Bath Rugby Home Game, 36" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Bath Experience Bath Rugby exhibition oil on canvas The Bath Prize

On The Way to Bath Rugby Home Game, 36" x 24", Oil On Canvas, 2011 SOLD

This painting was one of my entries into The Bath Prize last year. It didn't sell at the auction but once it went up on at The Bath Gallery on the first home game after the auction- the inquiries started rolling in and one lucky couple got it and not only did they get it but they had the opportunity of having themselves put in to the painting. The husband loves Bath Rugby and really wanted to be in the crowd and his wife doesn't really love Bath rugby but loves Mallory a Classy Shop that also features in this painting, she wanted to be seen as the the odd one out, leaving Mallory with her shopping.

It all worked well, as I went to their house and did all the painting right in their presence, they were really thrilled and you can see it on their faces in the picture below.

The Proud Owners of The Painting

It was another opportunity for me to see the new home of my painting as this is not always the case. Most of the time the paintings just leave the gallery wall never to be seen again!

Planning the insertion of the couple

I had to take pictures of the couple, sketch form those pictures, work them into the right size and proportion to the other figures in the painting and then start the painting proper.

Finished insertion of the couple

This painting was only done in four colours- Titanium White, Terra Rosa, Prussian Blue and Yellow Ochre. A limited palette I learnt to use at Heatherley's during my first year.

"With a limited palette, the older painters could do just as well as today... what they did was sounder." (Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

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