Painting of Diana( Stage 4) This seems to be the final stage

diana life painting model oil on linen people portraits

I got in 3 valuable hours today and this might be the final. I don't think I'll be taking this on again because it got to the stage where I said all what I wanted to say at the beginning of the painting. It was all about her hair and that has been achieved! This is one model I would continue to paint as far as she is available. Very professional and has a charming personality too.

While painting this final stage, I found it hard while looking into her face to figure out whether she was unhappy, thinking deeply, concentrating, lost in thoughts or just gazing into the midst.........All can say is she has a very deep personality-I tried to capture part of that but it didn't overrule the impact of her hair. Which is what this piece is all about.

It was done over 4 sittings of 3 hours each and with oil on a 20" x 24" linen canvas.

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