Paintings of London II (The Private View and 2 Plein-air Paintings)

alla prima Enid Lawson Gallery exhibition london oil on board plein air

Prof Ken Howard and Enid Lawson...Ken added to his prestigious Private Collection, he put a red dot on one of Karl Terry's paintings!

This the second post on my current group exhibition. I'll be posting throughout the exhibition on some of my paintings, sharing my experiences and methods. In this particular post, I'll be highlighting a few shots from the Private View and two plein air paintings.

"That Red Dot Feeling"-"Rain, Rain, Rain.....", gets a red dot- One lovely Couple instantly fell in love with it!

Private View.
All was set on the 8th of June for the opening and it was great! After the artist has done all the hard work it is always a delight to behold the paintings on the walls of a gallery with collectors, dealers, clients, visitors, friends and well wishers all making their way down to share the creative exploits of four painter friends, who took it upon themselves to interpret London the way they see it! The exhibition continues at Enid Lawson Gallery till the 22nd of June. If you are in London, just make it over there, these posts are for those that can't make it. Better see it live!
Michael Richardson, Karl Terry, Chris Daynes alongside me have over 100 paintings on show. We are mainly Plein-air painters, I have done a mixture of studio and plein air work and it's great to see how each artist brings to life the places Londoners love!
Below are some more snap shots from the exhibition. Hope you enjoy them!

Enid with clients

Cross Section 1

Cross Section 2

Cross Section 3

Cross Section 4

2 Plein air Paintings

MORNING LIGHT, SLOANE SQUARE- This painting was done early in the morning at Sloane Square, the light was terrific and there weren't much people about. I was fresh and you can't beat the fresh morning feeling. If there's ever a painting I have tried to put too much detail into, it was this one, I found it hard to stop. I did the whole drawing first before adding colour, in a shape by shape method without any under-painting.

Morning Light, Sloane Square, 10" x 8", oil on board, 2011 SOLD

SPRING LIGHT,ST JAMES PARK-This painting was done late in the afternoon, I was exhausted after a hard days work, painting Sloane Square and Billy Elliot at Victoria before attempting this one and when I got to St James Park around 5pm, I got a flush to go to do the "big" one! I was running around like a mad chicken, asking the park attendants for the nearest loo. I almost gave up! Then finally, when I got the relief, I settled down to paint very near to the loo (just in case Lightning struck again) a nice scene of Spring Lovers around the trees of the Park. I didn't do any under-painting for this piece or drawing, since the scene was more organic in nature I just went for it in the most fresh and direct manner!

Spring Light, St James Park, 10" x 8", oil on board, 2011 SOLD

"If you could have the life you want, what would it be like? Everyone has dreams, but most of us suppress them in the hurry-scurry of daily activities and task lists. It's time to determine what your dream life looks like. think about your artwork, your home, your family. and friends. Where do you live? Where do you vacation? Where do you make your art and where do you exhibit it? Spare no details. Consider the colours, textures, sounds, and feelings taking form in your vision." -Alyson Stanfield from her book "I'd rather be in the Studio"

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