Plein Air Painting of MV Bolgen & other Boats at Cadogan Pier

alla prima chelsea landscape landscape painting oil oil on canvas board plein air river seascape

MV Bolgen & other boats at Cadogan Pier, Chelsea Embankment, 18" x 10", Oil on Canvas Board, 2012-picture taken with my  I-Phone-sorry about the quality.

This morning I embarked on painting one of my beloved scenes around the Chelsea Embankment. A walk along the Chelsea Embankment is one of my best walks in London and it's always great to paint a place one loves.

Adebanji painting the MV Bolgen and other boats along Cadogan Pier, Chelsea Embankment

Here in this post I have decided to share some "stage shots" of the painting in progress. It's not a step by step procedure but just a good way of seeing how I go about these pieces using the "inside-out" technique of painting shape by shape, from the inside of the painting till it spreads all over to fill up the surface.

1. Ready to go, The Canvas board is given a warm wash of Burnt Sienna, this was already done in the studio with acrylic.

2. The very important grid lines and diagonals-this helps me position the main  features exactly where I want them

3. With some careful strokes laid with some precision but with the mind of an impressionist, I sketch and paint at the same time, working on the boring buildings in the background first, and then coming closer to the boats.

4. I think here-I had finally got the hang of the buildings and then I began to gradually come lower into the middle area, where most of the action takes place. 

5. At this stage I got the first few strokes of the water in, and a few reflections, the water keeps changing, it's always better when it is still.

6. I am really deep into it now, working on the reflections and trying my best to nail the right colour of the murky River  Thames on a grey day.

7. And finally- it's details and pulling the whole piece together, I hadn't made up my mind on whether to stop-then the rain came to my rescue and that was it for the day!
Hope you enjoyed this-I always have fun looking over the palettes of other artists-it's always a treat!

"The tide was in and the creek glassy, so I met the Mayor of Kingsbridge, who was off to paint his boat and a man who quizzed me- not the first time- on the build quality of my box easel! He was a joiner and was redesigning one-god, did I get excited! We exchanged emails and I never heard from him again!-(Peter Brown on one of his experiences while painting "Salcombe down from Southpool Creek")

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