Rain and Fog- Kings Road, Chelsea, Oil, 8" x 10", 2011

alla prima landscape oil oil on board urban life

This is Kings Road with fog and rain, the typical London wet day. I basically love it! It's that part of Kings Road just before you get to Sloane's Square. When it doesn't rain, I miss the rain and when it does, I want it to stop. I think it's all about being human!

Rain and Fog- Kings Road, Chelsea, Oil, 8" x 10" , 2011 SOLD

Special Quote
"The things you do at the start of a painting (from life or otherwise) will determine the entire course of your work. They make the difference between an achievement or an ordeal. This is about taking control right away. It is never enough just to be in the throes of inspiration. Before you lift a brush, take some time to think about what you intend to do. Notice certain things, make a few decisions, then start painting."-Richard Schmid on "The Big Moment"- Alla Prima Everything I know about Painting.

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