"Rikki- the 4 min Sketch and the 4 Hour study"

coloured pencil drawing sketches

As I go about London, I always get carried away by people who interest me. This particular day I was at Sloane Square Bus Stop, waiting for a bus to take me to Chelsea Worlds End. I saw this girl and all I could say was that her hair looked fantastic on her profile, after observing for a while, I gained the courage to make a quick sketch then I really got hooked. I knew this could not end in the sketch, I'll need to draw.......So I gain more courage to ask if she'll be willing to model, after explaining who I am and what I am passionate about. To my amazement she agrees. BRAVO!!!!!!! We book an appointment and I enjoy a 4 hour study. She tells me she has never modelled but she has drawn from a life model and knows what it would take to be a good model. I think she was fantastic! These are the results! I worked with a variety of sanguine brown and black coloured pencils, sanguine dust and sepia dust.

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