Rush Hour V, Oil sketch on Board, 12" x 15", 2009

alla prima different strokes from different folks oil sketch rush hour


This is my entry into this Karin Juricks' DSFDF. It was an interesting reference from Madison Avenue in New York City.

It has always been my dream to paint scenes like this and because I am currently very busy with commissions and preparing for a group exhibition in June, I just wanted to concentrate on catching the spirit of a Rush Hour in this piece. The buildings and detail where not my focus, if I tried to fuss about that I would never get this piece done before Wednesday, and I hate missing out!. So in an Alla Prima Style, I set out to knock this off in one sitting as if I was right there painting it life. I just included figures and the busy hustle and bustle as I would have if painting from life and I really went wild with colours. I wanted this piece to have a spark of life, movement, energy and total chaos.


I have done this with oil on a self primed Masonite board and it joins the group of other detailed Rush Hour Paintings, I've done. All Grease to Karin's elbows for bringing me back to one of my first loves.

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