San Francisco Blues, 12" x 16", oil on canvas, 2009

different strokes from different folks Karin Jurick oil on canvas

-After a few looks at the final version before, I was disturbed with the thick line that went across the picture and the red figure. Now it seems a bit more calm and relaxing, something I can live with.

This is my entry into this Karin Juricks DSFDF. The reference was a high point view of a San Francisco Street.

This piece was totally experimental, as I wanted to see how the scene would work out in a blue scheme. I started on the deadline date with many other paintings going on at the same time, so I only had 2 hours to sacrifice this into my busy schedule, as I always hate to miss out on each challenge.

I have shown a bit of the big abstract shapes I focused on from the start and how seeing them and identifying them early on before starting such work can really help in working out the painting quickly. As with many others who did this challenge, I just went straight into the painting, below are the steps after 30 minutes of painting.

step 1- This is where the main abstract shapes are knocked in at white hot speed!

step 2- This is where the sketching lines are added with an oil pastel stick to get in some highlights and dramatic lines to set the scene rolling!

This piece was done in oil on canvas in one sitting (Alla Prima)

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