Scarlet Solitude (The Poem and The Painting), Oil on Board, 16" x 20", 2011

alla prima oil on board portraits

Scarlet Solitude.

Look deep into my eyes
there's no surprise

Look right across my face
It's deprived of grace

I am human
what about you?

I ain't no prisoner
from the zoo!

Look at me, don't try to hide
Look, man, I have lost my pride.

The latest developments have made me weep
All their promises they never keep.

What's this life all about?
Why am I here?

Should I laugh and smile
or just shed a tear?

Listen to me, just for this once
I could be your brother, I am no dunce.

Ok, you you hate me, fair, that's fine,
I'll bear no grudges, I am no deadly swine.

Finally let me just say one thing to you
you could have been me and I could have been you....

Think about it...

-@Adebanji Alade

To see how I went about painting this face purely from a sketch, click HERE

"Sometimes the most godly thing we can do is take a day off"-Max Lucado from his book-"When God Whispers your name"

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