Sketch of my friend "SCOUSE"

A4 daler-rowney sketch pad artficial light source HB graphite pencil light and shade putty rubber radial easel scouse sketches

This drawing of "Scouse" was done yesterday evening at work, he had been on my neck to sketch him for a while and this was the evening it had to be done.
I used a page from my A4 daler-Rowney sketch pad, HB Graphite pencil, Tissue, Putty rubber, Artificial light source, Radial Easel.
It took me approx 1 hour 30mins to complete and he was a very composed model, except for his occasional drifting which had an effect on the finished picture. He didn't like the sleepy look to his eyes, so I had to work on that by letting him pose again this time -trying his best to keep his eyes wide open! He was pleased with the finished piece and I was quite pleased to catch a bit of his character in the sketch.
He is a very pleasant chap and and an ardent lover and supporter of LIVERPOOL FC!

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