Sketch of THE BERIMBAU PLAYER, A4 sketch pad, coloured pencil, 2009

A4 daler-rowney sketch pad coloured pencil people sketches

As I was on my way from the Bankside Gallery in SE1. I passed through an Alleyway near TATE MODERN and I discovered a rare sight: A guy playing a very strange looking instrument. It produced beautiful sounds with his cool tenor voice. The lighting under the Alley was great because there was also a fluorescent light which added to the drama.

I paid homage to the musician made friends with him and asked if I could sketch him and he agreed! That was it! I endured the cold for about 25 minutes and got a sketch of him. He was pleased, gave me his e-mail address and I'll be sending this image to him too.

He said this instrument is called the BERIMBAU, GUNGA or HUNGU!

I'll be doing some more detailed sketches from this guy into my Emotion series and probably a painting too. I just loved the sight!

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