Sketch of Threadneedle Prize wrap up party, 16" x 12", mixed media on paper, 2009

Mall Galleries painting people sketches

Yesterday I attended the Threadneedle Figurative Prize Wrap up party and I was able to have another good look at all the paintings. It was an interesting exhibition with a good mix of different styles and art in different meduims. Against a lot of other peoples response and opinions at the show, I really liked the painting of St Peter on the Cross by Louis Smith-I just like it for the sheer brilliance of the composition, draughtmanship, subtle value shifts and the bravery to actually paint such a piece that would be bound to face public criticism. But my best piece was a sculptural work by Tim Shaw- the sheer presence of it threw me off balance. It had a whole room for its presentation!

I have sketched a section of the party at the Mall Galleries with the St Peter painting by Louis Smith as the centre of interest. I have done this with biro, ball point pen, white ink pen and white oil pastel on cool Grey pastel paper.

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