Sketches on the Bus In January III

people sketches

I sketched the on the last two page spreads in my sketchbook today and it has been one of my most interesting sketchbooks. I started on the 5th of December 2008 and now I have finished on the 10th of January 2009. I hope to self-publish this sketchbook, just how it is with it's 61 page spreads (122 pages) so people can see everything in one go and also read about some of my ramblings/ stories while sketching these people.

There was a woman I sketched today(above, far right) and she was quite impressed with what I did, considering the fact that it was in a moving bus. She then asked why I didn't get a zone 2/3 travel card which covers all bus zones and still gives my access to trains in zone 2/3-When I told her how long I spend in the bus from my studio to where I live. I was thankful and now I need to do some research into this because it will help me. That's one of the benefits of sketching and talking to people on the bus.

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