Sketches on the Bus, Train and Tube in November I

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These are more of the sketches I do on a regular basis on public transport. I love this exercise and I think it is something anyone who embarks on long journeys around London should try and do at one time or the other. There are so many interesting faces on the bus, train and tube!

The human face remains to me a thing a wonder...I am on the train, I have just finished sketching an old man, then he gets off at London Bridge and sitting by his side is a lady, she's on the phone, her face is well treated, a sight that would hold any guy for a second or two-I hold my breath and sketch for 20 or so's the life of an urban sketcher-this is the page spread....shame I had to change at Woolwich Arsenal...

I hope I can cover all that I have to post before the year runs out. I thought I'd be able to do lots of back-dated posts but I couldn't. But I'm back on them now and I am happy to get back to blogging again!!!
As usual, these are all done onh the train, in full blooded speed, with everyone packed and watching! It's a great experience and sketching doesn't get any better than this when one is fully out there, armed with a sketchbook, Bic ball point pen and a Number 75Tom Bow Dual Wash pen.

These two sketches were done on the bus, I was on the Bus 11, facing the front window and right opposite me was this lady biting her nails. I sketched her from Kings Road to Buckingham Palace Road.

It's one of those days, I haven't sketched all day! I hate those days......I have been in the studio painting my life out....then I lean back on my chair in the studio and I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror behind me! I'm a bit alarmed but all the the same-It's time to pull out my sketchbook! I sketch my face with a few items in the background to hold the composition together. 

I love sketching random heads on a page! This one makes me tick! These are all sketched from London Bridge to Abbey Wood. A journey that lasts up to 25 minutes!

These are more random heads on buses this time. Bus 11 and Bus 53!

Some of these heads are just glimpses I manage to catch on journeys-The old man was a good shot, I sketched him from Charing Cross to London Bridge. The profile of the lady on the right was sketched on Bus 37 on the way to Clapham Juction.

Here, I am on bus 11 and I sketch this lady's profile from Buckingham palace Rd to Victoria Street. I make 4 attempts as she keeps on moving, each time she moves, I start again. It's all about pure observation, no room to measure but its about imaginary plumbing and angles relating to others, Plotting's are essential. The guy sleeping on the right was comfortable in his world, nothing seemed to bother him. He was just content and relaxed until he got to his stop. People are experts at these short naps and if you think they are really sleeping, you'll be shocked that immediately they get to their stops they spring to life! I sketched him from Greenwich to London Bridge-a journey that lasts 8 mins.

I made 2 attempts to sketch the guy on the left, from Charing Cross to London Bridge, this journey lasts approximately 7 mins. I just love this man's features and hair, it's hard to resist. His features were outstanding. Then a man with a cap on the right was just pure delight! I just love faces like this, full of character! I make a more detailed study of him from London Bridge to Abbey Wood, a journey which lasts 27 minutes.
Special Quote
"You can't do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh"-John Singer Sargent 

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