Sketches on the Bus, Train, Tube and Train Station in September I

A6 daler-rowney sketch book biro people public transportation sketches tombow wash pens

These are some current sketches...the power my of my observation started to slack a bit, I suddenly didn't do as much sketches as before and I could immediately see the difference and the strain and lack of flow.
So, nothing beats the constant day to day practice. I thank God for the opportunity to keep these sketches going- they really help to sharpen my drawing skills.

All sketches are done with a Bic Ball point Pen and a Number 75 Cool Grey Tom Bow Dual Wash Pen in Book-150g/m.

Sept 003-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook- These three guys are homeless and once Charing Cross Station opens at 4,30am they always take this place, it's an everyday thing.
The method I adopt on public transport changes from time to time. Now I just see myself as a sketch addict-That's what I tell people and that sums up what I do.

Sept 001-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook
Sept 002- Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook- it was an early morning bus ride and this guy was just moving all over the place. He must have been wrecked as he was far far away....

Sept 004- Adebanji Alade's sketchbook- I was having a video recording on the train and I wanted to show it was still possible to sketch an incomplete face and still get some character, isn't it amazing what eyes can do!
Sept 005-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook
Sept 006=Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook

Sept 007-This Asian Lady was right beside me and she never for once looked into my sketchbook to see if I was sketching her.
Sept 008=Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook
Sept 009-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook
Sept 010-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook
Sept 011-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook
Sept 012- Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook- As mentioned earlier these guys always occupy this space when  Charing Cross Station opens at 4.30Am. Apparently one of the guys was missing on the day I sketched this one.
Sept 013-Adebanji Alade's Sketchbook- This woman was totally lost in thought , looking out of the window.
"Approach your subject in all humility and reverence-make yourself highly sensitive to its beauty"-Hawthorne

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