Sketches on the Platform and train in February VIII

people sketches tips on sketching people on public transport

More sketches and even more tips....Some of you might be wondering? How long has he been doing this? Well, I seriously got hooked since 2004 and that was after my tutor at Heatherley's got us to go on public transport (circle line) with the model. He noticed we became too comfortable with the traditional way of sketching, drawing and painting the model from the comfort of our studio, that it was not making us think outside the box in terms of composition and using sketches to develop paintings. So that's how I got hooked!

More tips.....

21. Don't look nervous while sketching, just relax, The moment you start looking nervous, people around you would pick it and think you are doing something wrong. Just relax and if someone peeps into your sketchbook, just let them see more of it and smile and keep sketching!

22. There's nothing like starting or breaking down features and forms into basic shapes as squares, triangles and circles .....There are so many quick shapes you'll need to develop as a kind of shorthand to be a bit fast in recording what you see.

23. Practice with different sketchbooks and paper. Make sure you settle for one that satisfies you most-especially one that agrees with your sketching media. This will help to save precious time worrying about the wrong effect your lines, strokes and shades are producing by using a paper that isn't working for you.

24. The best sketchbook size for me has been an A6 Anything bigger is either a distraction or it'll make the sketching take longer. The smaller your sketches, the quicker. You can always blow them up if you need to use them later on.

25. If you are still nervous and can't overcome it easily. Please have a deal with a friend of yours to sit in the train or bus and just sketch them, at least that will build your confidence and people might even ask you to sketch them.

Keep sketching- it's when you start drawing and painting portraits and figures that you'll be shocked at what you've gained by this exercise.

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