Sketches on the TRAIN/TUBE

london poeple sketches train tube visual journal

These are just some of the sketches I make everyday on way to and from work, I started in 2005 and I seem to have become a bit addicted now. I always position myself in a place where I can get a good view and not become a nuance to the person I am sketching.

Sometimes people still see me, have a look at it and have requested for it. When I like it so much I tell them that I can't tear it out for them but will be willing to e-mail it to them if they gave me their mail address.

Some I never finish, it depends on the length of the journey too.
I noramally use pens (black biro) and Tomboy art brush pen N75 for the shades and tones. -this link will take you to a full months journal.

Keep sketching and don't give up. For real inspiration on the whole beauty of sketching and for encouragement see

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