Sketching at Saatchi Gallery

me Saatchi Gallery Sculpture sketching

I visited the Saatchi Gallery this evening to view the current exhibition " The Revolution Continues- New Art from China"
Its the first time I have been to a Saatchi Gallery and the first thing that hit me was the size of the gallery rooms!

There are some really really good works on show and I would encourage anyone in London to go and have an art feast. What I enjoyed best was the basement, it had 13 life size sculptures and 13 dynamo-electric wheel chairs of "Old Persons Home 2007". The works were done by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. Please click on the link you'll be shocked at the striking life-likeness of these men in the wheel chairs- the funny thing is that they move around too!

I needed to sketch at least one of them but they all kept spinning.Then I asked one of the attendants to help me out. She then showed me one which she said won't move for the rest of the evening - I quickly sketched this guy before he started to move!

If you really want to sketch a human figure that won't let you down and is close to life, without any model fees try these guys- they are simply fantastic!

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