Summerlight, Westfield Park (23) Chelsea Marathon

Adebanji Alade alla prima chelsea Chelsea Marathon Chelsea Painter Chelsea Paintings landscape oil on board outdoor painting plein air westfield park

This is number 23 in the Chelsea Marathon!

Summerlight, Westfield Park, 10" x 8", Oil on board
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It was a summer day and I was really in the grove, I hadn't done plein air for a while and this time I got into that swing!

The whole set-up just before painting starts

I set out to Westfield Park, very near to my studio and I went for the trees, you can never get it wrong with the trees, especially when there's shade, sun and a bit of architecture in the background!

The picture of the scene as the camera sees it from where I was positioned

I set up and sang while I painted! I love painting but this time I just put on my sketching hat and sketched with colour!

Adebanji painting the scene at Westfield Park

The method I used here is called , "OUTSIDE-IN"- where I start with broad strokes of the whole picture and then finish off with details inside the piece.

The full palette and the colours mixed  on the pochade box

My painting Box for those of you who have asked is the Medium Fresh Resistance Pochade Box, just click on the link and see the details.

The materials, everything after the session

"I want you to see things from the realization that your drawing does not need to be a house. the view that you must take is a piece of God's outdoors, that this is shadow and this is light. You ought to be able to tremble before it, and not sit down like a magician and try to make windows." -Hawthorne on Painting

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