The African Wrapper II, 8" x 11.5", Graphite and charcoal dust on museum mount board (The Process)

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This is another one of my African Wrapper Series.

The African Wrapper is popularly worn by African women and it is a notable feature in the fashion of who we are as a people. 

The African Wrapper II, 8.5" x 11", Graphite and charcoal dust on museum mount board

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I have positioned the model here to reveal a bit of elegance and sudden spontaneity for the piece to have a refreshing feel as she lifts part of the garment.

Stage 1- I'm so pleased to have some stage shots of this piece. I really enjoyed working on the piece at this stage. I almost stopped it all here. I loved the flow of the water mixed with charcoal. It had a wonderful "watercolourish " feel to it. I used a sable brush to start it off here on a Museum Mount board

This one was done by starting off with Charcoal dust mixed with water and finishing off with graphite.

Stage 2- I got really dark here with more charcoal dust picked up and applied with water to the surface. Because the mount board isn't that absorbent, the washes sit well on the ground.

I normally write words into the dark shaded areas, I do this to create textures and also to add real words that apply to work and things going through my mind as I work on the piece.

 "Let your workings remain a mystery. Just show people the results." - Lao-tzu

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