The Face of Homelessness, Charing Cross Rd II

alla prima FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless london oil on canvas people portraits The Anders Zorn Palette `sketches

This a guy I have painted and sketched before-but I decided to revisit him and add him to the series of the "Face of Homelessness". I will never forget the day we met at Charing Cross road outside the National Portrait Gallery. He had his bags and a few belongings around him. It was more of a scary sight but deep inside I could see he had the heart of angel, I got talking to him and he sounded sweet as ever. He allowed me to sketch him and to take photos too. He looked through my sketchbook and said the sketches there were quite impressive. 

The Face of Homelessness, Charing Cross II, 12" x 16", Oil on Canvas, 2012

I did this painting of him on a 12" by 16" Canvas. It was done wet on wet and with no initial sketch at all. I just started with the shapes and finished of that way. It's a shame I didn't have any stage pictures for this one.   This was because it was mainly an experiment and I never knew how the outcome would be.

The completed sketch I did of him in 2009,

This is me sketching Paul around Charing Cross Rd in 2009.

I have used the Anders Zorn Palette again here, consisting of Titanium White, Cadmium Red, Yellow Orche and Ivory Black.

This shot was taken on the easel when the work was just completed and fresh. I had already cleaned up my palette. But you can see the Yellow Orche and Cadmium Red left. The containers carry thick Liquin  and the liquid.

"Sketch, sketch, sketch, draw, draw, draw"-Adebanji Alade

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