THE HANGOVER, 10" x 8", Mixed Media on canvas board, 2008

acrylic biro coloured pencil different strokes from different folks Karin Jurick mixed media

One of my best stories in the Bible is the story about the Prodigal Son. He stormed out of his dads house to have a life of enjoyment and even though it did go well for him for a while........ then came the hangover. He had a let down after a period of enjoyment. The beautiful part of the story is that, in his hangover state he realized he could still have had a better life with his dad and then he made up his mind and took a good decision to go back home, on his way home his dad was running to meet him and gave him the warmest hug and welcome ever!

This is the inspiration behind Karin Juricks different strokes from different folks. The reference this week was a pair of boots and I hardly knew what to do with them until this week when my little boy plunged his feet into my Timberland boots, when I came back home from work. I thought that would make a good painting for this weeks challenge. So I got him to take different poses with them and then he went into this great pose and that was it!

I have used acrylic, coloured pencil and black/brown Biros for this piece on Winsor and Newton canvas board.

We all find ourselves up and then sometimes down in life, but the beauty of it is- there's always light at the end of the tunnel!

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