THE PROCESS-Insight into a sketching journey from Belvedere to Sloane Square in September XIII

people sketches

This is an insight into how I go about my sketches.

At Belvedere Station I am waiting for the train, but I need to wait for a couple of minutes. I grab few sketches while waiting of a lady reading the papers. Then the train arrives at 11.32am.

I board the train but sleep off till around 12 noon, when I wake up at London Bridge. I must have been sleeping for 30 minutes! When I get up from my sleep I see a woman that seems to be preparing for a meeting. I sketch her from London Bridge till the train stops at Cannon Street.

I get off at Cannon Street and change from South Eastern Trains to The London Underground. I need to get the Circle or District line from Cannon Street to Sloane Square. When the train comes I sketch a man reading the papers from Cannon Street to Mansion House. Then from Mansion House I sketch a handsome man who sits in the place the other man sat after he got down. I finish sketching the handsome man at Temple.

When the handsome man gets off at Temple I am left with a beautiful young lady who is not quite happy about something on her phone, so her mouth shows a mood of disgust. I sketch her from Temple to Victoria, where she gets off.

Then when the beautiful lady gets off at Victoria, I am left with the sight of three quarters of a mans head, which I sketch from Victoria to Sloane Square. I get down at Sloane Square and that's it!

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