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Number 14- Rush Hour II

In this post I'll be showing the stages of completion from start to finish. This shows another technique I use when starting off these kind of crowded scenes. With This Rush Hour I started with an abstract acrylic opaque wash, I really wanted the finished painting to have a lot of density and that's why I used this technique.

Rush Hour II, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 120cm, 2007

I exhibited this painting at the Patching's Art Exhibition organised by The Artist Magazine in 2008. It won the Pro-Arte Award- if I can remember, that won me Paint Brushes worth £250, some of which I am still using till today.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Final Stage

"Here are some other ways I try to spark my imagination:
=Look through my reference files, sketchbooks, and photographs
=Take a subject I like and paint a series of it
=paint some fresh flowers
=set up a still life
=buy a new brush, colour, or paper
=read a book or magazine on watercolours
=read about the masters
=look at some of my old paintings
=go to a workshop
=mat some of my work
=go to a museum"
-Angela D'Aleo on the Purpose of Painting

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