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On the 21st of September I got out of my bed while the sun was shining with a glorious morning light and I ventured to get one shot(painting) of the Circus done. I arrived at around 10.15am at an interesting spot right in the middle of the park at the Circus and decided to paint a good view of an area in which the sun had illuminated part of the grass to almost a fluorescent yellowish green, with Brock Street peeping through!
While getting ready to paint, a resident from the Circus buildings came down to meet me with a cup of tea and said, "May the sun shine for you all day long"- I gladly had the 'Cuppa' and got down to work, at about 11.38am I had completed my first panel and then I thought the composition looked a bit incomplete. So I brought up another panel and joined it to the first and at around 12.36 in the afternoon I completed my first two 6" x 8" panels of the Circus. I was happy with the result until one passer by said, "it's good you are doing a panorama of this....." then I thought, OK, a panorama....I think I'll try...? Let's see what a third panel would like, by this time I had to turn my position to capture another part of the Circus, linking the third to the second. I then continued as the day went on, linking the third panel to a fourth panel and fifth and then finally sixth panel-all the while I had to keep moving in circles while the light light kept changing as the day went by but it didn't alter my determination to get the whole 6 panels to all join together to produce one solid piece! I finally finished around 6pm and one of the residents around the circus who had seen me paint all day entertained me to tea and snacks! It was a wonderful day!

Adebanji presenting the Circus Panorama during the Bath Marathon Exhibition at the Bath Gallery

This painting marked a great highlight during my Bath Marathon- and it was one of the first pieces to sell at the opening. It was so much in demand that the gallery did a Limited edition of it, I remember having to sign and write a personal quote on some.

The Circus Panorama, 48" x 6", Oil on Board, 2010

It has not been an easy experience of writing about these 40 works to celebrate my 40th birthday but I am happy I have only got one more post to do on this and that will come tomorrow after which I'll be able to continue my normal pots of work that I have currently been doing. It's been a wonderful experience looking back but now it's time to face the future-Hope I can get on to each canvas or paper with the excitement and enthusiasm which always fires me to produce works that would add colour, joy, love, wonder, and all the wonderful emotions to my life and the people that view and collect these works!

Adebanji painting the Circus Panorama (Picture by Jess Loughborough)

"Nature suggests ideas for interpretation, the artist supplies ideas of how the interpretation is to be made."-Edgar Payne from his book Composition of Outdoor Painting

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