Updates form my Art World September 2017

addictive sketcher afro BBC BBC One Show demo Demonstrations Karl Taylor One to One Tutoring Open Studio Heatherley's RA drawing rooms Sketches on Public transport Turner and the Sun `sketches

1. Sketches on public transport.

2. One to One Coaching with Julia.

Collage of drawing demos and a picture of us together.

Talking about my sketches and drawings.

We worked of sketching on Public Transport together

Julia working on some of the techniques I showed her.
3.  Turner and The Sun.- I presented Turner and the sun on The One Show, BBC One.

4. Open Studio Teaching at Heatherleys

5. Portrait Demo to The Enfield Art Circle.

6. A Portrait

The Conflict, 12" x 11.5", Mixed media on Board

7. I did a recording with the One Show Crew at The RA Drawing Rooms, it was to focus on a powerful sculptor who made The Queen's Head for the stamps we use today in England.

8. Another full day of Filming in Karl Taylor's Studio featuring the re-making of the work of Salvador Dali.

9. A drawing of Miss Cameroon, another one of my AFRO SERIES

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