Urban Shadow Highlights II ( Bath Marathon Plein Air)

6 x 8 Adebanji Alade alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon cityscape landscape painting oil on board oil on gessoed musuem mount board outdoor painting plein air Urban Shadow Highlights

Urban Shadow Highlights II- Raking afternoon light, The Podium, 6" x 8", Oil on Gessoed mountboard SOLD- I was really interested in the light but also the explosion of figures moving back and forth, it added another dimension to this little piece.


This is the second piece in the series of Urban Shadow Highlights from my Bath Marathon of paintings.

I got myself a spot where I had enough shelter from the harsh sunlight.

Picture of the scene-  Once again I like to show the picture because it shows how painting only from pictures can be really deceiving! The ability to interpret the scene when one experiences it right there and then is priceless! I am not saying don't paint from pictures, I do myself, but it's good to combine this with a few outdoor exercises. 

"Imagine, explore, experiment, discover, develop-just make sure you are progressing with your pursuit of painting"-Adebanji Alade

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