WHEN I GROW UP.........12" x 12", Graphite on heavy watercolour paper, 2009

Architect Architecture different strokes from different folks graphite josh Karin Jurick

This is my entry into Week 21-22 in Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from different folks.
The reference for this challenge was a lovely Victorian house, it just reminded me of my dreams and aspirations while younger- I wanted to be an Architect but some how the Good Lord changed my plans and now I am an Artist!

I have used only graphite, my best medium, to work on this piece, the model is my son Josh and he kind of represents me and my ambitions of yesteryear's. His face is rather serious because I was very serious about my ambitions then that I got A1 (highest grade) in Technical Drawing in my High School days.....But alas it's sketch....., paint......, draw.... now!

I have also decided to use so many angles and cubic shape/shades to depict the influence of architecture on my drawing.

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