Adebanji featured in The Artist Magazine February 2011

acrylic alla prima cromer DVD oil on canvas board plein air The Artist Magazine

Adebanji painting in acrylics pen plein air

I only knew about this yesterday by Carolann, she put a comment on one of my posts this week, that read, "Splendid as usual. I have been reading my Artist magazine - it is really nice to see you in print Adebanji"- I then gave it a good thought, because I haven't even seen the article myself. I went on The Artist Magazine website to see if I could get anything related to the article and they have put a good entry on it HERE, to see the full article you need to grab yourself a copy of the February Issue of The Artist Magazine, which is on sale now!

The Artist Magazine- FEBRUARY 2011

If you also want to enjoy the article with the full DVD, you can order your copy from Townhouse Films as they have produced a WONDERFUL FILM of how the scene in the article was painted from beginning to end. One of the great advantages of watching and reading about how other artists work, is that you can gain a full insight into what goes on in their minds and how each artist differs in making decisions that help a painting progress from the first marks to the end! Be Inspired!

Special quote
"If we hold a vision or a dream deep inside our heart and mind, it will begin to not only influence our attitudes and actions, it will reach out and influence the circumstances of our lives."
-Stephen R Covey author Living the 7 Habits

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